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Domains of activities :
> Dam design and study
  • Choice of the structure type and location
  • Structure stability and anchoring study
  • Flow study through the differents dam organs (flap gates, gates, sills, notches)
  • Hydraulic study for flood evacuation
  • Sizing of tainter, flap and spillway gates,  and all types of water gates
  • Embankment study
  • Structure’s cost estimate
> Study of penstock pipes
  • Head-losses assessment
  • Pressure strength study
  • assessment of the optimal diameter (technical and economic feasibility study)
  • Choice of penstock pipe type, its alignment and mode of laying ;
  • Assessment and resolution of the problems airising from frost, UV (open air pipes), corrosion (steel pipes), ground stability, thalweg crossing and siphon laying
  • Thrust block and concrete support study
  • Surge tank study
  • Water intake study
  • Cost-estimate
> Study of canals
  • Headrace and tailrace characteristics and sizing according to the flow velocity
  • Head losses assessment through the work
  • Choice of the canal type and its alignment
  • Study of the water intake for the canal feed
  • Cost estimate
> Civil engineering of plant
  • Choice of the plant settlement
  • Structure design and sizing according to the turbines characteristics
  • Strength of materials study
  • Structure stability study
  • Dynamic and spatial study
  • Earthquake-resistant behavioral study
  • Working drawings (iron framework & scaffolding)
> Hydromechanical equipment
  • Turbine type choice
  • Review of equipment flow, head and typical velocities
  • Cost estimate of the equipment
> Automatisms design of the hydroelectric plants
  • Design of the hydroelectric plant operating mode
  • Determination of operating ranges, start and stop levels
  • Recommendations for sensors and safety devices to implement
> Upstream and downstream fish passes
  • Study and design of upstream and downstream fish passes according to prioritary migratory species
  • Required feed flow determination
  • Hydraulic flow study through the structure and simulation at low water (or any other discharge)
  • Structure type and positionning
  • Civil engineering design. Project management
> Hydraulic studies
  • Flow study through the different structures (gates, canals, water intakes, sills, notches)
  • Studies of river flow from topographic surveys (liquid surface profile calculation)
  • Floodplain studies
> Hydrogeological studies
  • Groundwater studies
  • Ground structure analysis (geology)
  • Piezometric records analysis
  • Foundation type determination for several structures
> Hydrological studies
  • Watershed studies
  • Limnigraphic station choice
  • Statistical evaluation of the Water intake flow
  • Development of flow duration curves
  • Determination of instream flow and equipment flow
  • Flood study and flood frequency assessment (Gumbel law)
> Environmental impact assessment
  • Baseline study (physical, biological and human initial conditions)
  • Impact evaluation (environmental impact of the construction process)
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Assessment of compensatory measures and costs
> Technical audit & Hydraulic structure expertise
  • Hydraulic structures expertise
  • Structure audit with determination of the degradation origin and recommendations for improvements or repairs
> Economic studies
  • Production evaluation of the hydroelectric power plant
  • Estimated investment costs
  • Funding study
  • Economic feasability of the structure (cost-benefit analysis)
> Project management
  • Development of diagnostic studies, pre-project and project ; Working drawings (iron framework and scaffolding plans)
  • Establishment of tendering packages ; Supervision of tender procedures
  • Assistance with companies selection and procurement process
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Assistance during final reception of the structure
> Water law records
  • Water law dossier development according to the European Code of Environment in order to obtain authorization to use water power
  • Launch and follow-up of legal proceedings, including public inquiry
  • Declaration records and applications for river work permits
  • Preparation of forest clearing applications

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